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20 ideas to making your compact kitchen super functional

As they say, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”.

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Even if you compromise with its space, you should never compromise with its functionality. Mismanagement or shortage of space in the kitchen can make your feel suffocated and frustrated. And trust us, an unhappy heart and soul can never prepare a hearty meal.

Cooking should feel like nirvana. It should be the benchmark of excellence in your house and make you feel at home.

We always complain about the shortage of space in our kitchens. Smaller kitchens should carve out enough space for counter tables and storage systems. Many ideas can be taken for initiating the best in a compact kitchen.

Here, we have curated 20 ideas to help you make use of every inch of your kitchen appropriately.

Let us find out.

#1 Kitchen cupboards should match the color of walls

You can create an illusion in your kitchens by matching the cupboard with the color of the walls. This helps in creating larger space and this matches well with a grey or white color. These colors create light and airy space as cupboards blend with kitchen walls. Normally kitchens have a lot of storage and white painting of walls helps in showing a spacious and neat look.

#2 Windows as storage

This might sound a bit awkward but with the trending ideas, windows can be turned into storage cabinets as well! This is a whole different unique concept. One can decide to hang all of their pots and pans right in front of their kitchen window. You can hang tiny little funky handles to your windows as well making it turn into a smart kitchen idea. Also, window storage seems quite smart too. Try it out to add that extra unique element to your kitchens.

#3 Opt for kitchen island instead of a table

Wanting to add a kitchen island might not sound like a good idea in a small kitchen but in the case of thin and long islands, kitchen islands are the perfect way of adding more storage and surface spaces. These island tables help keep kitchens in a sociable space.

Prefer choosing an island having storage space for storing any kind of vegetables and linens. You should see that at least two bar stools fit on the island easily. The kitchen islands look trendy and stylish.

#4 Build your kitchen with compact containers

You find so many designable compact containers in the market today. Try putting compact containers in a windowsill or a shelf. Make the addition of strong baskets to keep all daily requirements and also make use of stow bottles and packets.

You can also make use of pots for keeping fresh herbs. Baskets can be used for keeping condiments so you can take all together while sitting for dinner.

#5 Unused corners for clever storage ideas

When you have a small kitchen, it requires making use of every inch of your kitchen. When having a boxy kitchen, putting all your pots and pans together would seem like a nightmare to you once you try finding one particular thing. You can consider using a drawer instead of a cupboard for putting all of your kitchen equipment. There might be certain corners in your kitchen that have no specific purposes. Convert them into cabinet drawers for maximizing space and finding all things easily.

#6 Keep your kitchen tidy

If you have too many things in your kitchen, reconsider by using many clever solutions to clear away the clutter by making use of rails for hanging pans, spice jars, cutlery bins, and mugs. You can also install wall-mounted magnetic knife strips for keeping all of your essential knives in a single place.

Make a plan of what you need daily like chopping boards, washing liquid, etc. You can keep all other non-essential things and take them out only when needed.

#7 Use nearby rooms as kitchen storage rooms

If you have a small kitchen and there is not enough space to accommodate all of the things, then you can consider keeping some of your kitchen items in a storage room adjacent to your kitchen. You can convert the entire storage room into the kitchen cabinet.

The recessed niche can be used for stashing all kitchen tools. If you want to keep these things out of sight from others, try putting in a curtain for keeping all things out of sight.

#8 Use every corner of your kitchen

Find out where there is wasted space in your kitchen and use it to the maximum. There might be gaps between shelves or below sinks or window sills. Make use of everything that you can and keep your kitchen clear of all the non-essential things. Try storing less as much as possible.

Think of relocating all other things that are not in use to other places in the homes. Even use up spaces on your doors or walls. Putting extra shelves might come out handy.

#9 Finding out portable storage

Find storage cabinets having wheels like trolleys. These are surely known to provide extra space whenever needed in your kitchen. Move it away when you are not using it and the portability makes it an excellent choice. These trolleys are perfect places for keeping pots, pans, and cookery books in the right places. You can use these trolleys for handing food and drinks to guests or even while drinking.

#10 Big size sinks

Small kitchens might not have enough space for putting in a dishwasher so, in that case, you are completely free to use double sinks to make your work easier. Find room for double sinks to work as a dishwasher. Use one bowl of the sink for washing purposes and the one sink can be used for keeping all the dirty dishes.

This way you can work without cluttering the whole place and you will have an idea about which utensils need to be washed first. Double sinks are a perplexing idea when it comes to small kitchens.

#11 Keep your washing machine away from your kitchen

Many people find the kitchen to be the best place for putting a washing machine. If you have a small bathroom then wardrobe underneath your stairs can do the wonders. Keep all your laundry away from the kitchen and make a small and cozy space for the same.

If you are buying washer and dryer separately then you can prefer keeping them in the kitchen, but one should be stacked on top of the other. It saves a lot of space and provides enough room in the kitchen.

#12 Addition of storage helpers

Cupboards and drawers in kitchens are not used fully at times and they are the biggest assets when it comes to storing in kitchens. Internal storage helpers come handy at this point. Plan of retrofitting wire racks pulling from cupboards or you can also plan for slim cupboards for the same.

Some other types are drawer dividers, plinth drawers, etc. that are useful for keeping spices, utensils, plates, etc. Placing containers on wall cupboards also work provided there is a stool always kept handy nearby.

#13 Solid and bold floor coloring

When having a small kitchen, plan for going with a bold color for the flooring. Bold tiling helps in distracting eyes and creating an illusion of a bigger kitchen. Apart from the bold tiling, making use of every inch of the kitchen helps. You have to know how to make the most in a small space. If wanting to add some greenery to your kitchen, prefer using copper plants as they are a great way of adding life and decoration to liven up kitchens.

#14 Simple kitchen theme

White walls complement a simple room and that is what exactly needs to be done in small kitchens. Make kitchens look modern and contemporary with sleek white walls adding in more space and color to the kitchens. Small kitchens should always have a simple theme without going too overboard as it starts looking messy.

Reflective and decorative lights are companions of small kitchens as it brightens up space. Consider using frosted glass, or white cabinet doors, white stone, etc. Stainless steel worktops, white splashback tiling, etc. are some other options for keeping the theme simpler.

#15 Open and floating shelves

Planning of adding more space to your kitchen? One modern alternative is by installing trendy open shelves just right above the main wall of cabinets. You can also do it just above the stop for maximizing space. This space can turn out to be absolute for grabbing immediate items such as plates, glasses, and cups among others.

You can store in a lot of kitchen essentials in floating open shelves. And the best part is, you do not even have to box on any shelves for this purpose. Open shelves are perfect ideas for enhancing space in small kitchens.

#16 Availing of frosted or glass cabinets

To lighten up the space and mood of your kitchen and for making it airier, prefer using glass cabinets for the same. Glass fronted cabinets look chic and contemporary. This will enhance space as eyes simply travel to all-glass cabinets without paying much heed to the other things present in the kitchen.

Make sure of using less stuff in all the glass cabinets or else your kitchen will start looking messy. Light interiors always work for enhancing any space effects in rooms.

#17 Pullout chopping station

Chopping vegetables is a basic need every day and when you have a pull-out chopping station, then it will be super helpful. At times, you might require additional space for fulfilling other needs of kitchens. When you build a pull-out chopping station, you do not have to think of keeping it anywhere and simply close it when the need is over. The chopping top can be turned into drawers so when you can pull it whenever you need to chop vegetables and tuck it away when you do not have the use of it.

#18 Flexible storage ideas

When having a small kitchen, the main problem comes with the storage section. If you think cleverly, instead of using ordinary shelves to store, the wire panel comes exclusively handy in this case.

Wire panel shelving saves in space and maximizes storage according to the small needs of your kitchen. You can use a wire panel for hanging glasses upside or even adding it takes away shelves. Wine panels are a great place for introducing a wine rack. When space counts a lot, making the most is at its peak.

#19 Plying breakfast cupboards for hiding appliances

Breakfast appliances might make your kitchen look cluttered and messy. Make your kitchen look tidy by keeping coffee machine, toaster, and kettle away in the breakfast cupboard. Whenever you need it, just open the cupboards and you will find your favorite appliance kept ready for you.

This is one of the best ways of using awkward corners of drawers and there are no chances of your gadgets getting lost.

#20 Use the folding table for double counter space

Add up to the value of your kitchen by placing a folding table where you can eat and also prepare food. It doesn't add up to any space on the floor. You can tuck away the table when not in use and keep it folded. Folding tables are a perfect idea for putting a desk in kitchens.

Wrapping Up

As living spaces in urban areas are shrinking, we need to think and implement unconventional ideas to avoid compromising on our needs. A bit of innovation and perfect implementation can change the perspective of your living space. Above mentioned points can help you execute a compact and super functional kitchen with minimal compromises.

If you have any more unique ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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