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5 exercises that you can do on your bed

Have you ever had any day when working out seems impossible with you not wanting to get up from your bed? Or you wanted to exercise in the evening but Netflix binging seemed better? Consider your bed workout as "Better than nothing workout" mostly for proper blood flow and a little bit of stretching of your body.

Here is how you can do these exercises on your bed.

#1 Butterfly Bridges

Starting by lying on your back and keep your knees bent. Then, place bottoms of your feet together and keep your knees open. Keep your arms by your side and palms should be pressing against your bed. Drive your feet into your bed by lifting your hips and keeping knees wide apart. Then lower down and do not allow your butt to touch the bed. Without touching, again starting by driving your hips back. Prepare for doing in 20-30 reps.

#2 V-Up Position

Start by lying on your bed. You must have enough room on your back for extending your arms overhead. Also, legs must be kept in a straight position in front. Lift both your lower and upper body together in such a manner that your hands can meet your toes. Again, lower your legs and continue this exercise for 20 reps. If your bed is small enough, you can reconsider positioning yourself in a perpendicular position in your mattress.

#3 Child Pose

This is one of the fulfilling exercises you can try out on your bed. First, turn over so that your knees are directly facing under your hips. And, toes should be pointed behind with your big toes touching. This exercise is done by stretching your arms in front by gripping onto your bed. Try holding the stretch by taking in deep breaths for 10 times in a row. Your forehead should be rested on your bed and exhale lightly while unfolding the pose and widen your knees. This stretch is good as it allows hips to release any kind of tension.

#4 Plank

You should keep your stomach in a rollover position with elbows kept under your shoulders. Also, the forearms should rest flat on the bed. Holding your position in the air, keep the forearm plank for about 30 secs to 1 minute.

#5 Bicycle crunches

This exercise can be done by lying on your back and keeping knees in the air. Your knees should align at 90o at the hips and vertically on your bed. Keep your right knee towards your chest and keep it in a straight line. Keep yourself elevated from the floor and straighten your legs away from you.

This exercise helps to contract your abs by lifting the left shoulder off the floor and the trunk should be rotated by driving the left elbow to the right knee. Do not lift your lower back. Switch leg positions and practice this exercise for 15 reps on each side.

Now you don't have any excuse to not do your daily workout.

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