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5 good things to do as a family in lockdown

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

This is probably the longest time we have spent time together with our families. We are now bored of watching movies, TV shows, and chilling with friends on Zoom calls.

Our routine has turned upside down. Now we have kind of started hating to stay at home all the time. Prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19 has started taking a toll on our mental and physical health.

Here are a few things that you can do to break the monotony and bring some discipline back in your life.

#1 Set A Routine

Initially, it can be quite difficult to get adjusted to all new routines since the one you had earlier included a lot of your outings. For both adults and kids, this can be challenging, you must plan the day in a way that you shall be able to spend the right time in the house. Map out the roles and responsibilities with activities for the day which you need to do to keep things at your home well structured.

#2 Get Active

In this pandemic crisis, don’t let your body get lazy. Focus not just on your physical wellbeing but also on your mental health too. Workout at your home regularly and also do some family exercises. Dancing, Pilates, and yoga are always fun to do with your family.

#3 Puzzles and Board Games

You don’t have to sit in front of the TV box all the time for entertainment when you can get some great challenging puzzles and board games to play with your friends. This can be the best way to pass the time with your loved ones at home. You can look for a jigsaw puzzle and even some interesting board games like Ludo and business that are worth enjoying with family.

#4 Explore The World’s Leading Museums

Surely, coronavirus has created a pandemic crisis and restricted your traveling ability but you can still visit some of the best cultural sites. Wondering how?

Well, technological advancement has opened many doors. Google Arts and Culture is quite interesting. There are so many virtual museum tourists across ten world that can give you time to understand and explore the context of art pieces and history simply sitting at your home itself.

#5 Cooking

Cooking is therapeutic. For all the young and senior chef at your home, it is time to let them show their space of creativity and cooking skills, Cooking is good therapy for all and surely a better space to bring your family together and learn valuable life hacks too. You can come up with some themes for each day and create an exciting delicious family meal.

We have to come with the reality of the life which in lockdown, we as family shall face and that is why to remain stimulated, we need to look for different ways so that our mode of entertainment is not just meant to be stuck on to the screen all the time. That is why try out the above ways to keep yourself and your family happy and positive in the coming weeks of lockdown.

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