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6 Types of People You Will Always Find on Whatsapp

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Whatsapp is a funny place and the people are even more amusing here. There are those who can’t finish ‘typing’, and then are those who are instantly available even on the dead hours of the night. Here are 6 different kinds of people found on Whatsapp, how many of them are you familiar with?

#1 Who Reply Within Micro Seconds: I always wonder how some of the people I am connected with on Whatsapp manage to respond within microseconds. I send a sentence and there is a reply even before I blink. Are they always ready, to reply to my texts just the moment it arrives? When do they eat or sleep? Or are they ghosts?

#2 Weirdly Busy Ones

I have a friend whose style of responding to my texts is just weird. Most of the time when I send her a text, she replies within seconds saying she is busy and will reply later. If you are busy right now, why don’t you just ignore the text and reply only later when you are free?

#3 There but Would Never Respond

Oh, then there come those who you can’t decide are dead or alive. Their status is always ‘online’, but they don’t stir a bit when you message them. And you are always left wondering if they forgot how to type or are just simply ignoring you like you don’t even exist.

#4 Dead Fish of the Groups

How many of you know a few friends who are always there in the group reading all your chats but don’t ever participate? I have even called out to these sluggish rotten eggs of friends on several occasions, but who am I kidding? Couldn’t get a word in return.

#5 Who Talks in Emoticons

Some people on Whatsapp have learned and evolved to be mysterious creatures. They now know a distinct language of smileys and emoticons. Whenever you say something and they just send a truckload of emoticons, it’s really hard to decide whether they have really gone mad laughing hysterically or just happened to sit on one particular emoticon key.

#6 Text Them and Forget

Some people get out of their caves only once in a few weeks and check their phones for new texts. They eventually make you accustomed to not wait around. Because no matter how much you wish or wait for their precious response, they speak at their own appropriate time. These belong to the most elite lot undoubtedly.

Which category are you? What is your litt style of using WhatsApp? Tell us in the comments below!

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