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Aarya is Refreshingly Gripping Sans the Same Old Profanity Template

A trend of raw crime-thrillers set in the dingiest towns of India was started by the likes of Anurag Kashyap. The trend has continued since and became exhaustingly tiring on the way with the same template of bombarding profanity and controversial sex and nudity. Aarya brings a fresh change with the thrill of deadliest crimes seeping from the suave high-class families. Watching a woman at the heart of an Indian crime drama is no less than a treat to the eyes too.

From the look of it, Sushmita Sen looks the main attraction of the show and proves the same with her phenomenal acting and hold of the character. A character that traverses between sticking with good karma of her own nature and her family, a dynasty involved in drug crimes. The richness of this thriller is in the neatness of the plot that blows your mind all the same in spite of being there all out.

There is insidious darkness attached to each character from the beginning that opens the gates for the shock, suspicion, and ultimate thrill. This is easily Sushmita’s best project to date that has finally given her the acting ground she deserves to be able to blend her own powerful personality with her on-screen gritty character. It’s interesting to see how a thing or two are inspired by her real-life like the balance training that she regularly does in her real-life or the way she lovingly addresses her on-screen kids.

Nuances of the show lie in the individuality and personal bonds whether it is the youngest kid of the family who gets traumatized after witnessing her father’s murder or a budding teenage romance amid animosity and family rivalries. Every character stands powerful in their space. From the villain’s chaperone who kills mercilessly but also takes care of the kidnapped to an elderly royal woman who holds explicit bitterness against her husband and his young mistress.

In the role of ACP Khan, Vikas Kumar offers a good balance to Sushmita’s delightfully delusive Aarya, while I feel Maya Sarao could have got better than a distressed wife of a compulsive swindler. Sikandar Kher does well as a loyal stalwart of a sordid royal family, who is secretly kind-hearted. Aarya is unmissable for those who enjoy crime drama loud in thrill and mild in action.

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