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An Ode To The Good Men In My Life


The newspaper is filled with unimaginable crimes perpetrated by men. The minute I open Facebook, my timeline is quick to tell me about all the evil prevalent in society which mostly has the men in the bad light. You can easily strike a conversation with any of your female friends or colleagues about how unsafe and hostile the environment is out of our homes and continue for hours sharing mutual experiences, again attributing to the monstrous men out there.

Lately, I have started taking these news pieces to my head so much that my heart sinks in despair and I am not able to think of anything positive for the next few hours. And at one such moment, one day it hit me that we talk so much about the bad men and lament humanity. So I thought to myself, why not talk about the good men in our life once for a change. And about all the positivity they cause us to feel and restore our faith in all the good things in life.

Let’s talk about and appreciate the good men in our lives, ignoring the bad ones and their filthy actions for a moment.

I am starting from the brother who literally lights up my world, he who is able to make me forget all my worries with a click. Every time I feel life is getting boring, he would come up with something so funny that I will laugh until my stomach hurts and my face looks all weird.

Being a couple of years younger than me, it’s actually difficult to think of him as the manly man, but sometimes when I have felt low-spirited it has been him who uttered the wisest words that lifted my confidence instantly. He tells me the most amazing facts related to the world, he doesn’t stop making me feel that our childhood will never be over. He makes fun of me, we fight and don’t talk to each other for days. But still, in his company, I feel the entire world filled with just fun and laughter. Dear brother I need not thank you verbally enough but I will always be silently grateful to have you in my life.


Now to the first man I knew - my father. He who always protected me like a shield. He always sensed the danger before I could and always made sure I was safe. He foresaw my necessities before I could and made sure I was well-provided for. My father treated me just like my brother and sometimes even more favorably as I was the pampered one in the house. He used to ready my shoes and bicycle at the door when I had to leave for school. He came to pick and drop me every day taking a break from his office during my board exams. Although my school was just half a kilometer from home.

He was the one who told mom to keep me away from household chores so that I could just focus on my studies. He was the man who taught me that I just had to pursue my dreams, work hard for it and nothing else mattered. He made me believe that I deserved all the love and respect and no one is allowed to treat me badly. He got me everything that was required to shape my future, sometimes it was difficult but he managed anyway.

Dear daddy, today I am proud of myself because I have the values that you gave me and I am what you made me. I know I don’t have an expressive bond with you as I have with mom, but she tells me how you often get emotional missing me and my childhood. I want to thank you for being just you and for being always there like a pillar of support. No matter how old I get, I will always come to you just like that little girl when nothing seems right because I know you will hold me and make everything just right.


It’s the turn of the man I love and who loves me back more than I can ever imagine or measure. He goes out of his way to bring that bright smile to my face. He surprises me every time I think it can’t get better with the sweet little gestures. Generally, I am always conscious about my safety when I am out alone, but with him, it feels safe just like home no matter wherever I go.

He makes sure to walk on the busier side of the road when we are walking together, just like my father has always done for me. He gives me the courage whenever I lack it and tells me I can be whatever I want. I often tell him about my wishes and forget, but he remembers everything and reminds me to never compromise on my dreams. He ensures to hold my hand tight while motivating me to fly high. He makes me believe that there is someone who can love me beyond any defined limits and no matter how dark the things get, he will always have a fistful of light for me.

With him by my side, I don’t fear anything. To such a man, I just want to say that I am forever grateful and whether I express it adequately or not it’s you who make me believe in all the good things that there are in life. Thanks for being that good man in my life who helps me believe an all-new definition of manhood.

There is another significant man who I call my best friend. Although the feelings we share are also of love and care, still we have a very special and unique bond. When society expects me to behave in a certain way, I am more myself when I am around him. They say that two opposite genders have to be within certain limits of dignity and shouldn’t be more candid beyond that. But I don’t feel even a tinge of discomfort talking even about my periods and woes of PMSing with him. In fact, I don’t even realize a gender barrier.

With him being there, I know that there is someone I can bug at any hour of the day and the night with my petty problems and still get the perfect solution. I love the fact that he allows me to bring havoc around with my mischiefs and still does not complain.

Dear best friend, you will always be my go-to person when I need a pair of attentive ears to all my senseless stories. I might seem utterly careless towards you, but I want you to know one thing that no matter how much I torture you, even a small thought of not having you around makes me lose my mind. It’s true that I don’t give you compliments often, but you are among my most favorite people and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to create a cozy, insane, and homely environment around me with just the persona of a true gentleman that you are.


There are so many other men that don’t play a huge part in my life but happen to cross ways with me and often leave an impact of goodness. Like that watchman, I struck a friendly conversation with and discussed the unfair bits of life. Or that cabbie who made sure I reached my destination safe and sound even after I messed up with the directions. Or that vegetable vendor with whom I shared a hearty laugh after cracking a lame joke. Or that friend of a friend who I met just once but felt an old acquaintance. The list just goes on.

By being good, they are not doing an extraordinary act but even if we can’t say a ‘thank you’ to them every time they perform an act of kindness and chivalry, we can acknowledge it in our minds to restore the positive energy and hope, and return their goodness with only goodness and love. So to all the men whether a loving childhood friend, a supportive colleague, an understanding partner, an encouraging father or any other, guarding us the women and looking out for us constantly by just being present there, thank you from all my heart.

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