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Be Zoom Call Ready with These Quick Beauty Hacks


Staying in and staring at your wardrobe and makeup kit has become the new normal as opposed to the days when decking up for office meetings or parties used to be an everyday thing. The entire scene of going out and having team lunches has shrunk to our laptop screens now. In this situation, how do you treat the fashionista inside you?

While you have to attend all your client calls and office meetings over Zoom calls these days, you don’t necessarily need to lie dull in your bed while attending them. You can bring out your best fashion self and look every bit presentable with these easiest beauty and makeup hacks during your professional video calls.

1. The Shortcut of Skin Prep: Since we are keeping everything light and easy, your skin prep is not going to involve a lot of color correctors or foundations. Deep cleansing and moisturizing are the keys. Wash your face with a gentle facewash mixed with a light scrub and apply a good organic aloe vera gel after pat drying your face. Aloe vera gel will not only hydrate your skin deeply but it also gives a supple and shiny texture that won’t go unnoticed.


2. Eyes, Fresh and Nice: No hassle of heavy mascara or bold eyeshadows here. Take a drop or two of your concealer on your fingertip and dab under your eyes. Blend it with gentle strokes and then apply a hint of any highlighter that you have on the inner corners of your eyes with the same fingertip. This will open up your eyes making you look fresh and active instantly.

3. Natural Tint to the Lips: You want to look presentable but at the same time not overdone. Dabbing any pink or red tone lipstick lightly on your lips and then blotting it with your fingers gives you a natural berry-kissed look. Tapping the same lipstick-stained fingers on your cheeks can do a great job too with making your face look rested and rejuvenated.


4. Open up Your Lashes: Nobody wants to apply mascara and take the pain of rinsing its obstinate residue every day. The most brilliant alternative to open up your eyes wide and bright is a clear mascara. The gel texture of the same separates your lashes and gives them a clean look that compliments your face wonderfully.

While you are working on these beauty tricks, don’t neglect your hair. Keep them bouncy and non-sticky with regular shampooing and combing them neatly before your calls.

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