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How to burn up to 1200 extra calories as a couple

We often complain about not getting enough time to go for a walk or workout at home for our bulging waistlines. But is that really true? Unconsciously, we have closed all the doors to burn calories. Our lives have become sedentary. We have got help with everything at home.

How about replacing this luxury with your hard work? How about putting your smartphones aside for a couple of hours every day? It can help you easily save tons of money and get fitter at the same time. All you need is to take out some time and show some commitment.

Doing your household chores also give a sense of satisfaction and makes you feel more connected to your house. We have created a list of household chores that you can do on a regular basis to burn up to 1200 extra calories daily, as a couple. Help each other and stay fit. Its that simple!

Here is how.

#1 Brooming and Mopping

If you have OCD for cleanliness then brooming and sweeping is a job that needs to be done on a daily basis. Brooming and mopping an average 2 BHK house will help you burn anywhere between 120-150 calories. It will depend on how rigorously you are cleaning the house.

#2 Dusting

If you can’t stand fine dust sitting inside every cavity of your furniture, shelves, corners, fans, doors, windows, tables, drawers, and what not then you have the opportunity to burn a lot of calories.

An hour spent on dusting can help you burn up to 160 calories.

#3 Cleaning Utensils

Many of us hate cleaning utensils. But it is great exercise. You can burn a minimum of 125 calories per hour while washing utensils. And if we combine it with cleaning the platform and rubbing the sink, the number of burnt calories can shoot up significantly.

#4 Cleaning Car

Normally we have dedicated help who cleans our car on a daily basis. The car cleaning guy comes early morning and makes your car squeaky clean before you leave for the office.

How about building another good habit here? Wake up early in the morning to clean your car daily? Normal cleaning can help you burn up to 150 calories and weekly car wash will help you shed off up to 260 calories.

#5 Gardening

Even if you don’t have a piece of land to plant flowers and trees, you can easily make a small garden on your terrace or balcony. You can also place a few plants in your living area to make the place all more pleasant. Several plants including Peace Lily, Rubber plant, Boston Fern, and Pothos act as natural air purifiers for your room.

Hence, making a small garden for your indoor and outdoor area is never a bad idea. Planting flowers, plucking weeds, watering the plans, mowing, and mixing organic fertilizers among others can help you burn anywhere between 200-300 calories.

#6 Cleaning Refrigerator / Other Appliances

Refrigerator is where we store all our food. And spillage happens inside in the form of water and food. Dust and wet hand marks can be seen easily on the outer body of the refrigerator. Your cooling machine requires regular cleaning to remain a hygienic place to store all your food and drinks.

A thorough cleaning of your refrigerator can help you burn up to 200 calories.

#7 Washroom Cleaning

Washroom is supposed to be the most hygienic place in the house. A dirty or smelly washroom can ruin the atmosphere of your house. From scrubbing the bathroom floor and cleaning the commode to sanitizing taps; you need to put serious efforts to keep your bathroom clean round the clock.

Scrubbing the bathroom for 30 minutes can burn up to 220 calories.

#8 Cleaning Glasses and Mirrors

A normal household has a window in every room and mirrors are present in the washroom and bedroom. Glasses and mirrors are magnets to fine dust and moisture spots. Daily cleaning is necessary to keep them spotless.

30 minutes of cleaning window glasses and mirrors can easily help you burn up to 130 calories.

#9 Make your Bed

A half an hour of making a bed can burn down more than 120 calories. So you can easily achieve this target by making your bed every morning and evening.

#10 Doing the Laundry

From putting the clothes in the washing machine to drying them under the Sun and finally ironing your clothes, you can burn around 100 calories.

#11 Cooking

Cooking helps you burn around 150 calories an hour. That means you can burn around half the calories of your meal in advance if you cook it by yourself.

When you start doing all these household chores as a couple, you will realize that it would not take more than 2 hours on a daily basis to complete the work. Once you include these habits in your daily schedule and combine it with a healthy diet, you will start noticing a significant impact on your health and physique within a couple of weeks.

The best part about this practice is that you would be able to save thousands of Rupees that you are spending on house helps. What to do with that money? Probably fund your next international trip.

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