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How to cook a perfect Maggi in microwave

We are still searching for that person who has managed to cook Maggi noodles in 2 minutes. If you know that talented person, please tell us in the comments below.

Now coming to the main topic. Cooking a perfect Maggi takes a lot longer than 2 minutes. From breakfast and evening snack to late-night hunger pangs, Maggi never disappoints us.

The biggest challenge in cooking a perfect Maggi in the microwave is the proper water ratio and cooking time. However, cooking Maggi in a microwave is a lot easier and convenient. You don’t have to light up the gas stove, wait for the pan to heat, and pour it on a plate.

You can start slurping Maggi straight from the bowl in which you have cooked. And cooking a Maggi in a microwave is very simple.

Here is the recipe for cooking a perfect Maggi in a microwave.

Put Maggi in a glass bowl and break it into 4 parts.

Don’t forget to add the Maggi masala.

Add exactly one cup of water. Nothing less or more. However, if you are making 2 Maggis, then put around one and a half cups of water. Putting 2 cups of water will make the Maggi soggy. You can use this proportion of water for making more Maggis at the same time.

Set the microwave to cook mode and cook 3 minutes 30 seconds.

After 3 minutes 30 seconds, open the microwave and mix the ingredients in the bowl properly.

Set the timer again for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

And your Maggi is ready to eat in 7 minutes. Yes, cooking Maggi in 2 minutes is a myth.

We have tried this recipe multiple times to cook Maggi perfectly. Try it out and let us know in the comment.

Don’t like your Maggi simple?

Put some butter in a heated pan, add some peas, 1 green chili, finely chopped carrot, and some ginger. Saute it for a couple of minutes and then add the cooked Maggi. Mix it well for another couple of minutes. Garnish it with some coriander leaves and your masala Maggi is ready.

In fact, there are several variations of a Maggi that you can try. We will compile all the most loved recipes for you in the next blog.

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