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How to create the perfect home-office to work from home

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Work from home has become a norm amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The companies which never allowed work from home are now educating employees about the benefits of work from home. Working from the comfort of home has its own pros and cons. We are able to save travel time and money, however, the home has its own distractions.

From the urge to binge-watch the latest web series to take a power nap, working from home can quickly become an unproductive stint. And who can forget about hours of procrastination on social media? It's terrible, TBH!

You need to draw a definite line between your personal and professional space. Creating a home office can help you concentrate better and meet your work deadlines regularly.

#1 Identify the perfect spot

If you imagined yourself working out of bed or sofa, stop right there! The home office must be set up in a separate room, away from the hustle and bustle. However, if you have no spare room, choose a quiet corner with some level of privacy.

#2 Make a list of essential home office items

Depending on the space chosen for your home office, it’s time to make a list of all essential items to create an effective working space. A few essential items include a desk, a comfortable chair, an organizer, fax machine, printer, desktop, and a dedicated line among others.

Also, don't forget to create an appropriate storage space for files and supplies. Hatch an organization plan to store all your important documents and files neatly. Be innovative and utilize the available space optimally.

#3 Install proper lights

Installation of proper lights across the room is pertinent for being successful in a non-traditional working environment. It is always suggested to pick a space that allows natural light. However, if there is little or no natural light, invest in the best available lights. Firstly, you need a common light, bright enough to keep you awake during working hours. You can install a desk lamp as well for more lighting.

#4 Go green

Add real plants on your table and within the room to bring in positivity. You can also choose plants with air-purifying capabilities.

#5 Follow a daily routine

Getting distracted when working alone at your home office is quite possible, so it is suggested that you plan a routine and stick to it. You can set reminders at regular intervals to check on what you have accomplished during the day or the week.

#6 Establish office hours

Working from home is liked by all for its flexibility, but what’s its use if it hampers your business or gives a negative impression to your clients. Experts suggest that setting typical office hours help you stay focused and accomplish more in less time. Further, you can communicate your working hours to friends and family to avoid visits while working.

#7 Personalize the space

It always helps to add a personal touch to your working space. From adding a family photograph to a quote close to your heart, you can add little elements that motivate you to stay in there and work harder.

Share your experiences of working from home in the comments below!

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