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Why more sex with your partner can make you healthier

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The benefits of sex go much beyond physical and emotional pleasures. Regular sex with your soulmate can help you have several health benefits without any extra effort. So, if you are having lesser activity in the bed, it is high time to make your partner read this article to let the juices flow and adrenaline go up to the sky.

Boosts Immune System

Several scientific studies have substantiated the fact that regular coitus enhances the body’s ability to produce antibodies in greater numbers to shield the body against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. So, if you are falling sick too often; start indulging with your partner more often.

Burns Calories

Sex one of the most pleasurable activities to have physical activity and burn some calories. For instance, 25 to 30 minutes of a steamy session can burn around 100 to 150 calories depending upon the intensity.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Sexual activity helps to keep a check of hormones like estrogen and testosterone. It is essential to have these hormones at balanced levels to avoid heart complications like high blood pressure.

Sex Releases Tension

There is no other better way to release some of your daily stress than sex. Sex plays a vital role in keeping blood pressure at lower levels contributing to the reduction in stress levels. So, doing it frequently will certainly make you a happier couple.

Sleep Better

Body release oxytocin and endorphin hormones during regular orgasms. These hormones are helpful in aiding better sleep.

Boosts Libido

A lack of sexual desire can happen among couples due to lesser sexual activity. As per many scientific studies, the more you indulge in coitus the more likely you are supposed to have sexual desires on a regular basis. Particularly for women, more sex leads to better vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity; it all contributes to a better experience.

Improves Bladder Control in Women

Regular contraction of pelvic muscles during orgasms helps in improving its strength which aids in better bladder control.

Relieves Pain

Stop excuses such as headache or body pains to avoid sex. In fact, go ahead and do it. During orgasm, the body increases the release of hormone oxytocin by up to five times which helps in reducing aches and pains.

Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

Research reports have proved that men who ejaculate at least 21 times in a month have a lower risk of prostate cancer in comparison to their peers.

Better Intimacy

Couples who are more active in bed share better intimacy and understanding levels. Close connection with your partner will keep you healthier and happier.

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