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Why you should visit a dentist regularly as a couple

India could be termed as one of the most lethargic countries in the world when it comes to making a visit to the dentist for regular check-ups or minor issues like pain and tooth sensitivity. The majority of the Indians only visit dentists in the event of severe tooth decay or pain. According to a survey, a meager 4 percent of Indians visit dentists to discuss their dental problems.

Instead of visiting the dentist for remedial purposes, it is essential to visit a dental clinic on a regular basis to prevent dental problems and have treatment of any issue at an initial stage. And when you are a couple, your responsibility becomes even bigger to keep your dental health in the best possible condition.

Great Smile Makes you Attractive

A bad set of teeth can turn off your soulmate more than often. And even if you are single, a good smile can help you start a conversation as it one of the major things counted as a first and last impression.

Bad Breath is a Deal Breaker

Parasitic bacteria cause bad breath in the mouth as it breathes sulfur. Good oral hygiene is essential to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

Admit it, no matter how much your partner loves you, if you have bad breath it will certainly shoo away him or her in no time. And if you are at the cusp of entering the next level of relationship, make sure to have great dental health.

Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, you heard that right. Men with gum diseases who are below the age of 40 could suffer from erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is imperative to have healthy gums to keep intimacy and active sex life intact in a relationship.

Complications in Pregnancy

Women suffering gum disease are at a higher risk of having pregnancy complications and have higher chances of delivering premature and underweight babies.


Bad breath could discourage your partner for passionate kissing during lovemaking leading to lesser intimacy and emotionless sex.

Apart from brushing your teeth twice a day, as a couple, make a habit to visit your dentist on a regular basis to maintain great oral hygiene.

Have any more reasons to visit the dentist as a couple? Let us know in the comment section below.

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